the seagull

by Sarah Deller

sooooo doing a show with laryngitis is no fun. who knew? 

the shittiest bit is that even though I barely speak during the day, I still haven't had time to recover. so instead of getting markedly better, I'm lingering in this "still pretty hoarse and cough-y" stage. Major improvement from Tuesday, though, when I couldn't speak and we had to cancel the preview. I did the dress rehearsal and our Tuesday night invited dress without speaking - Dan or Keelin read my lines. That was amazingly fun and forced me to be a better actor. Sweet exercise.  We did something like that when I worked on The Seagull with Tanja Jacobs. I can't remember if we did the whole play like that - we might have. Or maybe we just did the scenes off book way before we were actually off book. In any case, I love doing runs like that - it's nice to have something to break up working on a character or play in a certain way. 

now off to bed!!!! god, school + theatre is fun but also exhausting. 

concussion kitten iz actor now??? by Sarah Deller

"hallo! remember me? there's a lot of things have happened since you and I last met. I've been up and I've been down..."

I got a concussion during the dress rehearsal of The Seagull - I was devastated. I was only able to go out twice and both times I was sort of like "haha yep i bruised my brain alright!" 

This also meant I wasn't able to go to on holiday to the UK - hopefully I'll make it there in the next year!

BUT today I signed on with Atlantic Talent and this summer I will be working with Shakespeare by the Sea!! Like a real actor!!!1! wow 

PS: I put up some production photos of The Seagull. Unfortunately my cast seemed again to get the short end of the stick with photos, but there are some nice ones from the Act 3 - 4 transition! 

come see me act please by Sarah Deller

where have i been, you might ask? 

(nobody is asking that)

(nobody reads this)

I have been rehearsing for The Seagull and being crushed under the weight of all my other coursework! Please come see The Seagull. 

My cast will be performing:

  • Student Preview night, March 30 @ 8pm - FREE for Dal and Kings students, though I can also put your name on the list if there is no other night you can go and you are not a Dal / Kings kid!
  • April 1 @ 8pm
  • April 4 @ 8pm

Click here for the facebook event page

There will also be an after party at the University club on April 4th. 

The Seagull rehearsals by Sarah Deller

I love this play so much. 

We were working on Act I and Act II today. I think they went well, although there's still a few things I really need to clean up. Also I was really screwing up my lines, which is unusual for me - I'm still not sure why that happened. I am also getting nervous for Act IV - and I know my nerves are not helping. 

I wish I could devote all of my time to The Seagull. It's so hard to keep up with school. But I need to put so much work into Act IV. 

I live right by the waterfront and usually I'm down on the boardwalk constantly, but since the winter has been bad and I've been so busy, I've barely been down at all. I sat there for almost an hour after rehearsal to clear my head. I realized how much I love living by the water and suddenly I started connecting to Nina in all sorts of new ways. And then some seagulls started flying overhead, and I thought, alright, time to go home. 

PS I added some new photos to the Backstage section! 

I'm the Seagull - is that right? by Sarah Deller

Wow. School. Rehearsals. Things have been unreal lately! So busy. 

Rehearsals have been going super well for the Seagull! Turns out I have a lot more in common with Nina than I thought. There are still a bunch of things I need to figure out, obviously, and tomorrow we will be working on the daunting Act IV. 

Between homework and memorizing lines, I'm hoping to go catch The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel today!!!!!! I could use a day with Judi and Maggie. 

We're also preparing for our "panel auditions".... my god. I'm terrified. There are so many more things I want to do before the school year ends! And the summer is stretching out in front of me... so far without any work. So I'm about to really go on the job hunt. Any suggestions... send em my way. 

I am feeling a bit like the Seagull right now - so I need to draw on Nina and remind myself I'm not. Haha. 

PS - International Women's Day. Keep fightin the good fight.