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concussion kitten iz actor now??? by Sarah Deller

"hallo! remember me? there's a lot of things have happened since you and I last met. I've been up and I've been down..."

I got a concussion during the dress rehearsal of The Seagull - I was devastated. I was only able to go out twice and both times I was sort of like "haha yep i bruised my brain alright!" 

This also meant I wasn't able to go to on holiday to the UK - hopefully I'll make it there in the next year!

BUT today I signed on with Atlantic Talent and this summer I will be working with Shakespeare by the Sea!! Like a real actor!!!1! wow 

PS: I put up some production photos of The Seagull. Unfortunately my cast seemed again to get the short end of the stick with photos, but there are some nice ones from the Act 3 - 4 transition!