keelin jack

by Sarah Deller

sooooo doing a show with laryngitis is no fun. who knew? 

the shittiest bit is that even though I barely speak during the day, I still haven't had time to recover. so instead of getting markedly better, I'm lingering in this "still pretty hoarse and cough-y" stage. Major improvement from Tuesday, though, when I couldn't speak and we had to cancel the preview. I did the dress rehearsal and our Tuesday night invited dress without speaking - Dan or Keelin read my lines. That was amazingly fun and forced me to be a better actor. Sweet exercise.  We did something like that when I worked on The Seagull with Tanja Jacobs. I can't remember if we did the whole play like that - we might have. Or maybe we just did the scenes off book way before we were actually off book. In any case, I love doing runs like that - it's nice to have something to break up working on a character or play in a certain way. 

now off to bed!!!! god, school + theatre is fun but also exhausting.