dan bray

by Sarah Deller

sooooo doing a show with laryngitis is no fun. who knew? 

the shittiest bit is that even though I barely speak during the day, I still haven't had time to recover. so instead of getting markedly better, I'm lingering in this "still pretty hoarse and cough-y" stage. Major improvement from Tuesday, though, when I couldn't speak and we had to cancel the preview. I did the dress rehearsal and our Tuesday night invited dress without speaking - Dan or Keelin read my lines. That was amazingly fun and forced me to be a better actor. Sweet exercise.  We did something like that when I worked on The Seagull with Tanja Jacobs. I can't remember if we did the whole play like that - we might have. Or maybe we just did the scenes off book way before we were actually off book. In any case, I love doing runs like that - it's nice to have something to break up working on a character or play in a certain way. 

now off to bed!!!! god, school + theatre is fun but also exhausting. 

by Sarah Deller

wowza, what a week!

Today are the performances of Modern Jo. Last night was our dress rehearsal. Laura and I perform in a hockey arena, and it was really interesting to do the show with so many people around. My adrenaline was pumping like mad. I was so nervous to do it last night, but as soon as it got going it felt amazing. I'm looking forward to performing it four times today. If the Halifax forum is anything like the Glencoe hockey arena, today - a Sunday - is sure to be packed...

And ARDEN opens this week! It's been a blast and it will be great to share the show with an audience. It's also been funny being back in the Keith's Brewery, my old stomping grounds. The show is an awesome mix of thriller and comedy... and what a cast, my god. 

And I have a seminar on Friday! hahaha English what? Trying to be a student and a theatre practitioner has been an exciting and sometimes overwhelming ride. Next term will only be busier. Let's try to make it through this week first, shall we?