by Sarah Deller

My partner and I are reading the same novel right now (Unless, by Carol Shields). I often think of reading as such a solitary activity but I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy discussing fiction / literature / writing. It also feels, somehow, like a lovely activity for fall. Perhaps it’s that I miss school.

There will be more to come on Unless later. I adore Carol Shields.

hello please let me audition for you by Sarah Deller

how does one communicate passion and sincerity in a letter of introduction? I feel capable of reflecting earnest, intense love in journaling, in personal letters, and in fiction and nonfiction (where it is something else entirely).

but in a letter of introduction?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! when a sincere person and an insincere person could write something virtually identical?!?! when sincerity could sound desperate or cartoonish? perhaps that is the risk one must take.

by Sarah Deller

Returning to Ontario has re-energized my love of theatre. While it certainly never diminished, my intense love of theatre and dedication to the craft did feel more like a private flame for the last few years I spent in Halifax. It’s been invigorating to see some brilliant theatre since returning here. I’ve missed it.

coming soon! by Sarah Deller

Perhaps because I am so nervous at auditions (!), either when I have to sing or otherwise (!), a little known fact about me is that I am a classically trained soprano and that, in addition to my other pursuits, I aspire to be a folk singer. To rectify this, I have long been considering filming a series of videos of myself and friends singing various traditional songs I find really beautiful. 

So tonight, my partner and I am meeting to rehearse what will probably be the first song in this series: a rendition of the English song "What Will We Do."

Watch this space!! ~*~get excited!!~*~ (this means u, ma).