disposable no. 1 by Sarah Deller

Because I’m not working on a play right now, I have been spending my time working on other things that are extremely important to me. Of course, I’ve been working at my career in theatre –– sending letters, working on monologues, applying for workshops –– but I’ve been focusing the rest of my time on writing and other pursuits.

For example.

For several years, I’ve been really fucking pissed off when I go into Starbucks and see the number of people sitting with disposable cups. I have done nothing about it, though I have often thought of doing so. So today, I called a Starbucks near me and asked them about their reusable mug policies. Eventually, I had a jolly old chat with the barista, who had initially hung up on me. The manager will call me tomorrow, I am told.

More to come.